Spiritual Kids

Tools for the Spiritually Aware Family | taught by Christina Fletcher

Course description


Make this time one where balance, spirit, mindfulness and joy resonate through your home.

In a time when people are looking for ways to offer practical spirituality to their children, Christina Fletcher offers simple crafts, stories, poems as well as activities and worksheets for children aged 3-13 to give them tools for spiritual and emotional awareness and self knowledge, as well as an understanding of manifestation and visualization. 

Throughout this course's video lessons and material, Christina offers you simple techniques, meditations and journal prompts to absorb and assimilate the processes, so that you can offer them to your children when the time feels authentic and and aligned.

By the end of this course you should feel more comfortable and confident in your child's spiritual life, self esteem and emotional awareness as well as your own. You will have a toolbox to help you navigate through simple childhood challenges such as whining, bad days, mood swings and insecurities. You will be passing on a sense of inner truth, deeper self and empowering your children to know their own focus and develop their growth mindset. Spirituality will be radiating from your house as a regular conversation and you and your children will be able to feel your way to a more mindful, happier perspective because of knowing Who You Really Are.

"Spiritual Kids is a wonderful offering for the spiritually aware family. Christina Fletcher’s insights are crystal clear, and I love how she invites you and your children to explore timeless spiritual concepts with compassion and enthusiasm. The course offers meditations, journal prompts, video explanations, vocabulary reviews, crafts, games, short stories, and so much more. In fact I’m still in awe at how beautifully Christina presented the material. After each segment, I couldn’t help but feel joy-filled and inspired. Since I feel there is no better time to encourage self-discovery and self-awareness within the family unit, I’m incredibly grateful Christina Fletcher created a program the whole family can celebrate."
~Alexandra Folz, MSN, Author of The Heirloom and Intuitive @ alexandrafolz.com

".I cannot find the words to describe my body's responses....pure sparkly delight! You have done an amazing job, Christina...the meditations warmed my heart and I believe that any parent who truly intends to lift the energy of their family to a highly vibration will be inspired by this course...You have brilliantly woven Abraham's teachings throughout the entire course.....my own vibration is raised, just reading through it. Go for it!!!!!"

-Sandi Schwartz, author of Authentic Parenting and coach at Leading Edge Parenting

"This will be a course I experience again and again. I know I will grow and get something new out of it each time. This course is called "Spiritual Kids", I realized that I am a "kid" when it comes to being spiritually aware, so I did all the exercises myself and learned so much about coming back to being ME. Thank you for giving me the opportunity, the tools and the little push I needed to invite spirit into my life and show me my path.!"

- Course participant

Christina Fletcher
Christina Fletcher
Spiritually Aware Parent Coach/Energy Worker

Christina Fletcher is a Spiritually Aware Living and parenting Coach as well as an intuitive energy healer. She helps busy people find balance in their every day lives, by connecting to their spiritual center and divine connection for them and their children.

Christina Fletcher is a parent coach and energy healer over at Spiritually Aware Parenting.

She can be reached at christina@spirituallyawareparenting.com

For more information on her and her work please visit www.spirituallyawareparenting.com