Course Description

"Every time I've done this program it's literally shone a light on beautiful truths and enabled me to release what isn't serving me. Working with Christina is true alchemy!" 

Are parts of your life holding you back?

Do you ever feel like you have to play a role and in order to keep appearances hide part of your true self?
Do you wake up with triggering memories or the heavy, desperate feeling lingering from past trauma or your roles from the past?
Do you crave feeling present in your own skin, as your TRUE SELF, so you can parent your children and deeply connect with those you love as well as be present in your life?

It's time to Step Into Your Light

Step into Your Light is a self development course for busy parents, designed to help you release guilt and what holds you back, so you can align to your true self within, and can shine as Who You Really Are for your family and yourself.
Over the course period...:
- You'll shift from overwhelmed and bogged down, to a place of relief, freedom, and alignment.
- You'll learn concrete, practical tools to become centred within and present in your day.
- You'll release the power of any negative mental chatter that passes on guilt and holds you back.
- You'll develop practical spiritual tools to practice daily so your spiritual connection becomes a priority       and resource for your parenting.
- You'll remind yourself of dreams and fun as well as the freedom to play and have fun with your children.

By the end of the course, you'll be feeling carefree and having fun, present and on purpose for your children each day as well as be able to have the sweet satisfaction of connection to your sense of divinity.
Through video lessons and a range of worksheets, focuses, prompts and exercises, leads you through this self-led program you'll work through the 4 following sections:
  • Re-ignite your inner flame.
  • Release the Shadows that Hold You Back.
  • Love the Life you Live
  • And Live the Life You Desire.

Have you ever woke up thinking "There Must Be More to Life?"
Well there is...
Through picking kids up from school, or picking up the house clutter...
Behind every tantrum, every sleepless night and every hairpulling bedtime...
There is a deeper life flow moving within you, and with that flow, is where life starts to find more ease.
Throughout this course, I'm going to show you how to find that more is right within your own heart, and after you've created some new patterns and released some of the shadows that have been weighing you down, you'll feel freer to shine as your WHOLE SELF...
and that's where life really flows into joyful living.

Spiritually Aware Parent Coach/Energy Worker

Christina Fletcher

Christina Fletcher is a Spiritually Aware Living and parenting Coach as well as an intuitive energy healer. She helps busy people find balance in their every day lives, by connecting to their spiritual center and divine connection for them and their children.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Lesson One- Reigniting your Inner Flame

    • Lesson 1- Re-ignite Your Inner Flame

    • Lesson 1- MP3 version

    • Lesson 1- The Brain Dump

    • Lesson 1- Saying Hello (a ritual)

    • Lesson 1- Belief Questionnaire

    • Lesson 1- Vocabulary (1)

    • Lesson 1- Hidden Moments

    • Lesson 1-Intention reminders

    • Lesson 1-Sparkle Items

    • Lesson 1-Appreciation

  • 2

    Lesson 2- Releasing the Shadows

    • lesson 2- Video Lesson

    • Lesson 2- MP3 Version

    • Lesson 2- Sense Memories

    • Lesson 2- Your Timeline

    • Lesson 2- Releasing Guilt

    • Lesson 2- Looking Back

    • Lesson 2- Release and Let Go

    • Lesson 2- Energy Clearing

    • Lesson 2- Healing the Child within

    • Lesson 2- Resolving Past Dreams

    • Lesson 2- Loving Yourself Now

  • 3

    Lesson 3- Loving the Life you Live

    • Lesson 3- Video Lesson

    • Lesson 3- Mp3 Version

    • Lesson 3- Focused Appreciation

    • Lesson 3- Positive Aspects

    • Lesson 3- The What's Going Well Jar

    • Lessson 3- My Perfect Day

    • Lesson 3- My Ideal Parenting

    • Lesson 3- My Dreams

    • Lesson 3- The Map

    • Lesson 3- The Map Cont.

  • 4

    Lesson 4- Dancing in your own brilliance

    • Lesson 4- Video Lesson

    • Lesson 4- Mp3 Version

    • Lesson 4- Letting your Spirit Play

    • Lesson 4- Brain Storm Fun

    • Lesson 4- Enjoying the 5 senses

    • Lesson 4- Shivers of Connection

    • Lesson 4- The power of music

    • Lesson 4- Spontaneous living

    • Lesson 4- Creativity and Curiosity

    • Lesson 4- I can shine